After the surgery I had four years ago, my health problems began to bother me. The surgery was mentally difficult for me. After that I started feeling pain in knees and in my back. Whenever I stopped taking painkillers the pain would become stronger. It lasted for four years.
When I’ve heard about Mr. Osama’s Center in Petrova 101, I went to pay him a visit. In the Center we had a nice talk in which I’ve explained him my problems and he decided that we start with the treatment. I was very engaged and resolute in the process of treatment because I believed I can be cured. During the third treatment I felt as the power was going through my body. Then I’ve realized that I am feeling much better. The power I felt was the divine energy running though my body. Today, I feel great. Even though I still have physical problems I am mentally very good. The reason why I continue with the treatments because I believe that I can be completely healthy again. I am very thankful to Mr. Osama for helping me and I wish others would come to the Center too.
Ružica Hartman

My spine is damaged for a very long time. I was not feeling good. I was always tired, sleepy and not in the mood. After the first treatment I felt better. As if my spine was pulling forward my whole back. Today, I am sitting without problems. I my still going to the treatments and I hope to be completely healthy.
Željka Š. ,Zagreb

My upper spine was so painful that I could not move. Every move I made when getting out of the car was painful. I could not bend even a little bit without feeling the pain. After the first treatment, the pain was gone. I feel better every day.
Marija K. , Zagreb

I have the spine pain for more than 20 years and it gets worse. First, I was feeling the pain in lower back spine, but then it expanded to the upper back spine. This winter I started to feel the pain in knees and ankles. After 13 treatments with Mr. Osama, most of the pain is gone. Mr. Osama says that every part of my body will be healed. I believe him and I am very thankful.
Nada rabel,Velika Gorica

For several years I am experiencing problems with spine, I feel strong pain in legs and my headaches are very frequent. For a long time I was visiting doctors and have tried many therapies. Then I found out about Mr. Osama. I explained to him my problems hoping that he will help me. Mr. Osama succeeded to help me after six treatments. I will continue with the therapy and I look forward to the complete success.
Kaja Skender,Zagreb

I’ve suffered from diabetes, dizziness, buzzing in the ears, I feel the pauses in the hands, hips and lower back, and in the calves and also a feet tingling. I have Parkinson’s disease and tremor of the right hand. The most serious is my low back pain (Discopathia L3-L5), so for many years I had problems with lower limbs. I could not get up without help and to move out of the room into the kitchen. But, the hardest thing was the dressing. The pain was so severe in the lower back, hips, and mostly in the legs, that I could not make a step. I kept falling back, and I was very depressed. I was on rehabilitation in the hospital, and later at the spa, and it helped me a lot. Although I did my best, my right foot has remained difficult to move. When I was informed about Mr. Osama, I said to myself: I’ll try one more time, perhaps it would get better, perhaps there’s a cure for me. Already after the sixth treatment I felt reborn and I did not need anyone’s help to get up. I no longer feel any pain, it is much easier to walk. I don’t feel dizziness anymore. A few days ago, when we went to the car, my friends deliberately ran and left me alone. Then I began to run leaving them speechless. My wife, who was watching us from the window said that it was unbelievable.

I am having a spine pain for years. Also, my right leg is very painful, I can’t even feel my foot. I am constantly physically and mentally tired. I could not sleep at night, I didn’t felt my feet. My whole body was in pain. I was seeing a specialist in bioenergy in Koprivnica but he could not help me. I was going to Varaždinske toplice twice a year. I would feel better for a few days after which the pain would return. Then I went to see Mr. Osama. He told me that he is going to try to help me. Today was my 13th treatment and I don’t feel completely health. I can see the progress in my health condition and I am hoping to become healthy as I used to be because I believe in God’s and Mr. Osama’s help.
Ljubica Ž. , N. Marof

I have stared with the therapy because of the strong spine pain. Because of the pain I could not sleep, stand or sit. After the third treatment, I didn’t feel any pain. Today, I feel the pain only when I sit or stand for too long, but the pain goes away after the short rest. I have to admit that I am reborn after the treatments in Center in Petrova.
Jasenka M. ,Zagreb

I had unbearable spine pain. My condition was getting worse every day. Every move I made, even the slowest one was very painful. After the third treatment, I started to feel better. Now, I feel so much better. I have regained the strength I once had. A few minutes spent in Mr. Osama’s therapy cannot be compared with no medication!
Nevenka T. ,Zagreb

Mirjana says that after the first treatment she didn’t have headache and she had a strange feeling like she has a big node on her forehead. On the second treatment she felt tingling on her spine and her neck. After a few treatments, the tingling stopped around her heart. There was the second big node. For a few days she experienced different strange feelings as if something is narrowing her chest. After that the feelings stopped and her suffocating problems were gone. She started climbing the stairs without any problems, even though she could not do that before.
When I came home after the fifth treatment I felt energy that was passing alongside my spine to my toes. Those were the parts of my body that I had problems with. After every other treatment I was walking normally and the pain was gone. What a relief, all of a sudden! I can climb stairs now. Before, I was in bed for days and unable to do everyday tasks. The most important thing is that my mental condition improved: I’m not depressed, I’m thinking positively. I started to lose extra weight and I’m not comforting myself in the fridge anymore. The people around me are seeing the difference and it’s easier to communicate with them now. I can tell you that I am very grateful that the people such as Mr. Osama exists. With his help I improved my life.
Mirjana Rajić, Novi Zagreb

I had spine pain for many years and I had a lot of therapies, but none of them really helped me. I was in pain even when I was lying down and lately was not able to sleep more than two hours a night. I was very nervous and taking Lexaurin. After the first treatment with Mr. Osama, I felt much better. I did not felt any pain. Now, I can move much more easy, I can bend over and stand on my feet.
Ana Toth (54)

I had spine difficulties over 30 years. The cause of the difficulties was the fact that I was having physically hard jobs all my life. In the end, I could not sleep, nor move as I used to. After a certain number of treatments, I feel much better and more safe. I sleep well and I don’t feel any spine pain.
Vlado Bočkal (55)

I have found out about Mr. Osama Shreim by accident and I was very happy about it. I gave up hoping that I could do the easiest tasks anymore. I am diagnosed with arthritis for a very long time. Sometimes I feel as I have forgot the feeling of walking through the city and the happiness of my family when I make them a Sunday lunch or cakes. I could not get up nor walk without help. I was taking many pills and seeing doctors regularly. Nothing was effective.
When I heard about Mr. Osama and the Center for life quality improvement I’ve decided to pay him a visit. I was brought up to the Center because I could not walk. When I got into the room I was surprised to see everyone happy. I felt I came to the right place. Personally I want to thank Mr. Osama for not promising anything during the treatment.
During the first treatment I felt strange warmth going on through my body. It was very strange and I can’t express it in a right way. After the treatment Mr. Osama told me to stand up and walk. I could not believe him but I got up and walked out into the waiting room where my children were waiting for me. It is hard to describe the shock they were having seeing me standing in front of them.
Up until now I had 11 treatments and I am feeling better. I will continue with the therapy and I believe that soon I will be even better.
Ruža Smokrović

During the sport practice I had, I have injured the muscles and knees. The doctors told me that it was something as usual. Since the medication they proscribed me with was ineffective I have paid a visit to Mr. Osama. We were having the divine energy treatment for a year and now my knees are normal again and I am back to doing sports.
Leon B. (28), student FFK-a

I had spine problems for a long period of time. I have undergone a lot of unsuccessful therapies. The doctors suggested me a surgery which was also unsuccessful. The pain was getting stronger and stronger and the right side of my body was becoming handicapped. When I heard about Mr. Osama I sought help from him. Since then I am a regular patient and the pain I was feeling is completely gone. I’ve become a new person. I am very satisfied and I want to express the gratitude I have to Mr. Osama for helping me and improving my health condition.
Katica Barić , Zagreb

My whole life I was playing football. Football was my career and my whole life. First, I started playing in local sport teams but ended up in international football clubs. During my life I had many sport injuries but that was considered to be something usual in sports. When I was 24 I stated feeling unbearable pain in muscles and in legs. At that time I was living and playing in Germany and the doctors I was visiting were able to treat me. When the pain would stop, I would return playing soccer. After a while the pain became so strong I could not play again. I have left my career as a soccer player and returned home to become healthy again. Since the doctors were unable to help me, a friend suggested me to visit Mr. Shreim in his Center in Zagreb. After the first treatment I didn’t felt any change in my health condition. The pain was still present. But after the third treatment I had felt some changes in my legs. I could touch the painful spots on my legs and it was something I could not do before the treatments. Today, I can say that I am healed. Even though the leg would not be the same as it used to be, I finally have normal life. I am 27 now, married with a child, I work and in my free time I do sports. I thank Mr. Osama Shreim for helping me because now I am able to life my life as I want to. I believe that my life would be also good in the future.
Igor Ivec


Three years ago, my son got arm warts. At the beginning, we did not think of it as something to be considered seriously, but after a while warts started to spread to his head, and we found them even on his nose. We went to see the doctor, but the preparation the proscribed to my son was not effective. Friends were giving us advices which we followed and started to cure the warts with chalk and fug juice. Nothing was effective.
Robert started to feel depressive, ashamed and he quit hanging out with his friends. Before that, he was always very extroverted child and I found it very difficult to see him going blue. He was a student of higher professional school and has to use computer very often. Every day he was putting on bandages to cover the warts because he felt ashamed to be seen in that condition by his colleges and teachers. There were days he even refused to go to school. Those were the moments of despair and suffer. It got worse growing up.
One day we received a phone call from our friends who suggested us to visit Mr. Osama in Petrova 101 in Zagreb. They believed that he can help our son. We decided to go, believing that he would help Robert. While sitting in the waiting room we were listening the stories of the patients that already visited Mr. Osama. They were talking about their illness, diseased, health-related and other problems and they were representing them as something that belongs to the past, something that they almost forgot. Robert admitted after the first treatment that he felt completely different. He was full of joy. For us, it was difficult to visit Mr. Osama in Zagreb every day, so we visited him only three times. We asked for distance treatment that lasted for a month. We even were suggested to use a cream for warts elimination. Finally, warts stared to disappear from Robert’s skin and his hands became completely warts-free. After three months we saw the complete result of divine energy treatment process. Our lives changed completely. Today, Robert is completely different person, he regained his strength and happiness, and everything was as it was before. He lives like every other young man, he does sports, hangs out with his friends and starts to forget everything.
I don’t know how to thank Mr. Osama for saving us from this terror. He saved me and my family by doing this for us. We are happy that he used the divine energy to help a young life.
Robert’s mother from Sisak

After I gave birth I started to feel pain in my leg toes. The doctor told me that I need to remove the nails. Other specialists took care of my toes and told me that everything would be alright. But it didn’t. The pain was worse and I had opened wounds. After I had seven treatments at Osama’s Center, my toes are completely healed without nail removal.
L. K. from Zagreb

My infection was very serious. I had a huge herpes on the left side of my head. I was using a preparation, pills and vitamin B, but the pain was unbearable. Every half hour the pain restarted and, at the time, I thought I was going crazy. A friend brought me at Mr. Osama’s place where, after just two treatments, I felt better. After the fourth treatment I was completely herpes-free. Thanks to the Mr. Osama, today I feel excellent.

Renata was visiting the Center because of the feet skin cracking. She was visiting the doctors but there was no cure for this rare disease. After a few treatments in Center, the disease never came back.
Renata Novaković, Zagreb

I had dry feet and hand skin problems for almost 8 years. The skin becomes so dry that cracks every time I move. My feet swell so that I can’t wear my shoes. Every time they get in touch with water, my feet become so itchy I can’t stand them. I have tried everything and, besides the short relief, nothing helped me. In Stella Magazine I read about Mr. Osama’s work and I’ve contacted him. The first treatment was so strong that caused me moving in different directions during the healing process. The moving indicated that I was receiving the divine energy from Mr. Osama’s hands. After the fourth treatment, my hands started to show some positive results. The skin was not so dry and it was not cracking. There are no more swellings. I am very thankful to Mr. Osama and I want everyone to come to Petrova 101 to regain their health.
Nikica Vještica (53. G) Zagreb

Young Hana Gracin had dry skin problems since birth. When she was only three months old her skin was in some places looking as tree bark. The disease spread to her back and because of the itchy feelings there was a possibility of the wound opening. Hana could not sleep and was very nervous. We were seeking help from the official and alternative medicine but nothing helped us. When we heard about the Mr. Osama we went to Petrova 101. After the first treatment, Hana calmed down and stopped crying. After every following treatment Hana was feeling better. Her skin became softer and less harsh. She started sleeping, eating and playing. Today, Hana is 14 months old. She is completely healed and she has beautiful baby skin. We want to use this opportunity to express our gratitude to Mr. Osama for the help he gave to our child.
Obitelj Gracin

My son Sanel had survived a shock when he was 2 years old: he fell from a couch on a heater and burned his back and hands – says Sanel’s father. Before the shock, Sanel started speaking and walking on his own, but after that he stopped talking and was unable to walk. I remember that he didn’t forgot to say “mama”. It lasted for two years during which we saw numerous doctors and specialists and many people who practice alternative medicine. At last, my friend advised me to visit Mr. Osama Shreim in his Center in Zagreb. The result is evident: Sanel can speak and walk again!
Obitelj Vukalić

Marina Ž. (21), a student from Zagreb, told us an amazing story. She had a plastic surgery of her face but the doctor injected her probably with silicone. After a few days, her face swollen and became covered with blisters. She went to see the doctors but none of them could not discover the cause of the post-operative difficulties she had. They suggested a new surgery that will remove swellings and blisters. Then she heard about Mr. Osama and his treatments:
– He told me that he will do everything he can and he did. I was going on the treatments every day for a week and after the 7th treatment my face got better: swellings and blisters started to fade. Organism cured itself with the help of Mr. Osama. The doctors were surprised.
Marina Ž.

When I was 13 my hair started falling off. In medicine, the disease is called Alopecia areata and I was suffering from it for the last 10 years. The doctors told me it was the neurosis which caused the hair falling off. I was seeing Mr. Osama for a year. For the last two years my hair is growing and my health condition has improved.
S.B, medical student from Zagreb

My problems were severe. I had unbearable pain in my legs and the numerous official medical treatments were ineffective. I could not walk and my skin was covered with painful redness that were very much alike the burnings. Since I started undergoing the divine energy treatments, the leg pain stopped and the skin recovered. I can walk now to the church to pray for Mr. Osama to give him health and happiness so he can continue helping people.
A.A. from Pećnik, Modriča, Bosnia

didn’t believe in alternative methods and the treatments using the divine energy were completely unfamiliar to me. I must admit I was skeptical about this kind of treatments and it was hard for me to contact Mr. Osama.
When my health condition got worse I become desperate. One day I remember that I’ve bought Stella Magazine and read about Mr. Osama’s work. Then I read the patient stories and I’ve decided to contact him. Thank God, it was successful.
Since I was born I had skin problems. My skin was constantly painful, full of wounds and inflamed. After fighting the skin difficulties my whole life, after the treatment I saw the improvement. The wounds were closing and the skin inflammation started to disappear. I want to thank Mr. Osama for helping me and giving me back my health.
Jasna Trluha, Zagreb

The agony in Dubravka F.’s family lasted for over a year. It started when she got the virus infection on her face. The doctors suggested the warts burning on her face and she was very worried. One time, she read about the divine energy treatments in Stella Magazine in which she found out about a boy whose warts were successfully removed from his face and arms. She decided to went on for a treatment, and after 15th treatment her face completely recovered.
Dubravka F.,Zagreb


Eight months ago, I had terrible headaches and numbness in his right hand. Since my work is very hard, I had to call in sick. Coming to treatment with Mr. Osama, headaches started declining and now I feel much better. I started working again.
Štefica Petolas (42), sales assistant

For some time now I have headaches, and the situation deteriorated especially when we were expelled from Bosnia. The doctors told me that everything is fine, but the headaches were getting stronger and stronger. No pills were helpful. After the first therapy in Petrova 101, I felt my senses improve, and after 10 treatments, I generally feel good. I am reborn!
Anđa Jukić (24)

Because of my health problems that originates from childhood I saw many specialist. My mother was engaged in finding the best doctors who eliminated most of my problems but some of them remained. When I grow up I became responsible for myself, but in that difficult fight for health there were the moments in which I asked myself about the meaning of the fight. When my fiancée read Stella Magazine and learned about Mr. Osama, I decided to seek help from him. Believe me, I was not sorry!
After the eight treatment my silver necklace went dark and my two golden chainlets became reddish brown. I was at the same time surprised and sorry because the jewelry had a sentimental value for me. I put them aside and decide to ask my sister a chemist for the possible explanation. When my sister saw the jewelry she was surprised as I was. She told me that the changes made on the metal could only be caused by radiation.
When my mother joined the conversation, she reminded me that I was visiting Mr. Osama and that it could be possible that the energy radiation during the healing process could made the changes on the jewelry. I told everything to Mr. Osama on the next treatment and he just smiled to me and told me a similar story that happened to another patient.
In Center for life quality improvement in Petrova 101 I had 10 treatments and now I generally feel very good. Until now I had many strong headaches and back pain, but now I am gradually forgetting about them. The changes made on my jewelry pointed out to me that there is the possibility for me to gain complete health and that there is a radiation in divine energy treatment. I am very grateful to Mr. Osama who changed the quality of my life.
Sunčana Šobak

Before I went to see Mr. Osama, I had strong headaches, chest pressure feelings and I was generally weak and fatigued. After the 6th therapy the headache was gone and after the 12th treatment every symptom I had completely disappeared. I thank Mr. Osama for help because now I really feel well.
Dina Koruga (31)

I had unsupportable headaches. I went to see doctors, did medical tests, spend time in hospital, I was using the strongest pills. Nothing helped me. My condition was untreatable and I was falling into coma. When I found out about Mr. Osama, I went to see him. After a few treatments I was feeling better. The spine pain and the headaches disappeared after the 5th treatment. Mr. Osama used the divine energy to give me back my life and for that I am very grateful to him.
Nada Šakić

I had spine pain and headaches and was taking many pills. Every winter I had to take the sick leave from my job for two months. Now, I am reborn: I don’t feel pain. There are no more pills. I sleep better and I have normal blood pressure. I still cannot believe I’m healthy!
Milan Božić (47), driver

I had strong headaches every day for a year. The doctors diagnosed me with psychoneurosis. I also had spine problems and was having many therapies but without success. After the treatments in Center I don’t feel any pain. I feel completely different.
Marijana Derežić (32), cook

I had strong headaches and was feeling very dizzy for four years. At the end, I could not get up from the bed and I had a feeling my head will explode. The doctors told me I was completely healthy but I have never felt so sick. After Mr. Osama’s treatment, I felt much better. I feel better mentally and physically. I have restarted working and including myself in the society.
Stanka G. (35) kindergarten teacher

I had strong headaches for five years. Also, I had high blood pressure. I was treated by many doctors but it seemed that there was no cure for my headache. After the treatment with Mr. Osama everything changed. I feel much better.
Mladen M. (40), caterer

I had numerous strong headaches for a very long period of time and was also feeling very weak. The pain could last for days and the painkillers I was proscribed with were ineffective. Once or twice a week I had to go to the emergency for an analgine infusion. One day I had phoned the Center in Petrova 101. After a month and a half of the divine energy treatments I felt better. The pain was completely gone. I got pregnant and gave birth to a son Karlo. He had numerous digestion problems and allergies and after ineffective official medical treatments, we’ve paid a visit once again to Mr. Osama Shreim. After the treatment, my son Karlo doesn’t feel any problems. He eats well and he is healthy.
Marija i Srećko P. Zagreb

it started with headaches and dizziness. I was feeling weak and started having the panic attacks. Once I ended up in the hospital during the night. I had to change my job because I believed that the environment caused my headaches. The health problems I was having lasted to 5 years and I was crazy because the doctors could not help me. They diagnosed me with neurosis but nothing could help me. After the seven treatments with Mr. Osama I felt better. The pain I was feeling was completely gone. Today, I feel great and I work normally.
Marijan Hrgović(37) Zagreb


I’m a diabetic and have blood circulation problems. Because of that, I have an open wounds on my both legs. They started spreading and I was in situation that both of my legs could be amputated. After the treatments with Mr. Osama, the pain started to cease and are now completely gone. The blood circulation is improving and the wounds are slowly healing.
Milica Jurinec Samobor

Marija had problems with blood circulation the cause of which she could not sleep at night: When I came to Petrova 101 to see Mr. Osama I was saved! I don’t have any pain, I sleep very well, my eyesight improved, bronchial asthma is gone and my digestion is normal. The next time I went on treatment I brought my mother with me and her health have also improved. What more can I say
Marija Bučanac (46)

For Terezija Maček difficulties started with hiccups that did not stop for two months. Hiccups provoked hearth problems and she was hospitalized for a month. She was receiving a therapy. One day she fell from the bed and hit her head on the radiator.
-I was hospitalized in order to get a pacemaker so that my heart could function properly, says Terezija Maček. The pacemaker was implanted and I was released home. Then I started having unsupportable pain. The wound I had on my head from falling could not heal because I was diabetic and I also had problems with blood circulation. One night I was watching ALTERA TV show where I learned about Mr. Osama’s therapy and I’ve decided to pay him a visit.
When I got to the Center for my fourth treatment, I felt very sick while waiting for my appointment. Mr. Osama had an intervention in the waiting room. I was very surprised, but after the 8th treatment I can say that I feel much better. My blood circulation got better, the pain stopped, diabetes is stable, and I feel completely as a new person. I am very thankful to Mr. Osama and I wish God gives him more energy to help people. I am grateful and very happy – says Terezija.
Many of you will ask about the secret of the fast recovery Terezija Maček had. Is it the confidential relation with her therapist Osama? Or the point is in the divine energy? It is probably both because, when talking about the divine energy, these two elements are in direct relation with one another.
Main therapeutic practice of a healer consists in magnetic influence on physically and mentally prepared patients. As did Jesus Christ two thousand years ago used his hands for healing, as today’s healers must use everything in their power to reach the healing power of the Son of Nazareth.
Other Osama’s patients bear witness to the great and both-sided confidence between them and their healer, and also about the fast improvement of their health.
Terezija Maček

A year ago, Terezija Vučković had virus-infected pneumonia. The disease spread and she also experienced hearth problems. The medical examination showed hear the scar which indicated that she had a minor hearth attack in the past. After a long hospital treatment, Terezija got back home but not completely healthy.
-The side effects of the diseases were sweating and hearth pain. I also had an increased blood pressure and the pain in the upper back spine, says Terezija. Generally, I was not feeling well. Then I’ve heard about Mr. Osama on TV and after the 10th treatment I can say that I am a completely new person full of energy. I have no more pain and my blood pressure is back to normal. I don’t sweat a lot like before and I believe that this phenomenon will disappear very soon. The most important thing is that I am mentally more stable and I have much more positive view on life. My daughter who works in a hospital laboratory, had me tested and the medical examination results showed me that I am fine. Everything was regular even the CPK enzyme, who was always increased, is now back to normal. I thank Mr. Osama and I believe in him, as I believe that I will be healthy once again.
Terezija Vučković

Six months ago I become very ill. I was diagnosed with Angina Pectoris and I have thyroid gland inflammation. Everything got worse when I had nervous breakdown. The hospital became my new home, but despite the fact that I was visiting many specialists, my agony continued. Since the official medicine was unable to help me I have decided to try the alternative medicine. I have tried many of its methods, but none of them were successful. Then I heard about Mr. Osama and his Center for life quality improvement in Petrova 101 and decided to seek help. We had a nice conversation about my difficulties and he suggested the divine energy treatment. After the first treatment I felt better. The optimism and faith in life have returned. Today, I don’t feel the pain nor do I feel the health difficulties I used to. The pain returns sometimes, but rarely. I am very thankful to God and to Mr. Osama.

After I was released from the hospital and diagnosed with Pyelonaphritis acuta, Angina pectoris and Spondylosis doformans vertebrae, my health condition was not getting any better. The doctor proscribed me with painkillers which were ineffective. Since I started coming to the Center, my condition started improving. Now I feel much better and I hope that I will be as healthy as I was before.
Danica Čupek


When we heard about Mr. Osama we contacted him and told him our story. After the third treatment our baby is sleeping normally. Now after a year everyone in our house sleeps like a baby.
L. T. iz Zagreba

For many years, I had problems sleeping. It was mainly the problem that I could not put myself to sleep without pills. Every time I saw the sleeping pills, I was terrified, but I was not able to function properly without them. Then I heard about Mr. Osama, and I felt ready for something new. Miracles don’t happen every day. Maybe this is not even a miracle. But, just imagine the person that is consciously taking poisonous pills every day in order to put herself to sleep, when at the same time every other normal human being is sleeping regularly. For such person, my story is in fact a miracle. But, I would not like to talk just about the sleep problems, but also about the complete improvement of my life. By using this pills for so many years, I became somnolent, cranky, apathetic, and unhappy. My family was unhappy too. I was filled with negative emotions. And look now! I am standing in my kitchen, listening the radio and singing one of my favorite songs. I don’t know when that happened last time! I started crying. That is the psychology of the human! I don’t want the reader to think about this letter as a commercial for Mr. Osama. I could write about so many other things. I don’t know if you are aware of what is the life without pills, or are you aware of what is the life filled with positive emotions. When you reach it, everything else is a routine. So, may the God bless the hands of Mr. Osama and his family because he don’t have anyone to help him, as he helps us.
Janja Dobrovolec, Zagreb

Since the first therapy I am breathing normally, there is no more pressure in my chest, no fatigue or sleeping disorder. The divine energy and the Mr. Osama’s talisman gave me back my peace, happiness and self-confidence – says Božica Rustamberg.
It is the great love and luck of my daughters that brought me to Mr. Osama who is miracle maker. I am employed, married and a mother of two children who love me and need me. My parents also need me and they would give everything in order to help me, but my illness was unappealing. After the first therapy I started breathing normally, there is no more pressure in my chest, no fatigue or sleeping disorder. There is no more evil forces that were pushing me to the bed. A trip to the health is long and hard. I took numerous medical examinations who were showing me that everything was ok, but my condition was getting worse. That was the feeling of a woman of who many people depend but I could not be there for them always. They are sad and advising you to see the doctor. Divine energy treatment and Mr. Osama’s talisman gave me back the peace, happiness and self-confidence. I am thankful to Stella Magazine and Mr. Osama who is a miracle maker!
Božica Rustambeg

My story starts with meditation what awaked my kundalini. Kundalini, according to C. W. Ledbeater, is a shake-shaped fire that looks like the fire liquid and her movements are snake-like. It sleeps in the human spine. You cannot feel her presence during the life and it is better to leave her sleeping. Kundalini-related dangers are real and serious.
Awakened kundalini ran through my spine in both directions and I found out the real meaning of hell. Waves of energy were burning my body and creating horrifying feelings in my head. It was as all the emotions of the humankind melted with my own. I was up for 15 days, I could not sleep. I started searching help and on the 16th day I received Mr. Osama’s phone number.
The first encounter with Osama Shreim will stay in my memory forever. I have never felt so much warmth, love and calm that radiate from him. I believe that he already helped me and it made me feel better. The very same night after the treatment, I fell asleep. I have finally found peace. Since that day, everything got better. I am a completely new person today. I feel calm and safe. There is no more fear and chaos in my emotions. I am saved. What more can I say? Osama, I love you and I trust you endlessly. I am very grateful for everything you have done for me.
Slobodan Botić

I got sick in 1992 and my health problems changed my whole life. I could not sleep and I was very nervous. At that time I felt as I was going crazy. After I was hospitalized I felt light improvement of my health condition but it didn’t last for a long time. After a few ineffective treatments in hospital I fell in a crisis. I have lost every hope of becoming healthy again. Then I’ve heard about Mr. Osama and the divine energy treatments he was helping people with. After the second treatment in Center in Petrova 101, my official medical therapy decreased. After the 6th treatment I was feeling much better and my health condition started improving significantly. I thank Mr. Osama for all the work he has done. I don’t know how my life would look like if he was not around.
Božica Margetić


Two years ago my son was diagnosed with epilepsy. Since then he is on the medications. When I found out about Mr. Osama, I’ve decided to seek help from him. After 16 treatments we went to see the doctor. Examination results are completely normal and Matija feels great. Thank you very much Mr. Osama.
Matija’s mother

Nadi A, a boy from 5th grade, has been diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 4. He was treated in Zagreb with Tagratol. After the car crash in which his father died, Nadi’s health condition worsened. The traumas he was going through caused numerous phobias and other psychosomatic disorders. I have paid a visit to Mr. Osama Shreim and told him about my son’s condition. Already after the two weeks of the divine energy treatments, my son changed. He was calm and feeling much better. A few months later, the doctor stopped proscribing the Tegratol. I am very satisfied with the help and very thankful to Mr. Osama.
Nadi’s mother

Four years ago, my daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy. Even with all the therapies and pills her condition was getting worse. While traveling in the train from Slavonija to Zagreb, we met an old passenger who told us to visit Mr. Osama in Zagreb and that he is the only person who can help us. His was handicapped for seven years and after seeing Mr. Osama he started walking again.
The very next day I called Mr. Osama Shreim and visited the Center. I told him about my daughter’s health condition and he promised to do everything he can. After 11 divine energy treatments, we visited the doctor do to the brain scan. The results were very optimistic and the doctors were speechless because they have never seen anything like that before.
During the last five months, my daughter is feeling very good, she is very successful in school. She is growing and developing herself. Mr. Osama gave me the life full of joy. Jelena stopped taking pills and she is feeling very good. We want to thank Mr. Osama for helping Jelena. There are no words we can use to express the gratitude we feel for him.
Jelena’s mother Biserka

“I have been diagnosed with epilepsy 22 years ago. I have visited many doctors, spent time in hospitals, and was taking pills regularly. So far my health condition did not improve. Because of it I went to see many specialists in alternative medicine but the treatments were unsuccessful. The attacks are still frequent. Then, a friend told me about Mr. Osama. I was skeptical at first, but I went to see him. I had nothing to lose so I started the divine energy treatments. After the first treatment, I changed my opinion because of everything I felt during the treatment. During my first visit to the Center, I spoke to other patients and the confidence they had in Mr. Osama gave me the strength. After the fourth treatment, my health condition improved. The attacks I had have become less frequent and I was handling them better.
After a while I went to the hospital to make medical examination and the results I got were very optimistic. The doctor was surprised and he confirmed me that I am getting better. My health generally improved and I am now taking only one pill a day. I am very satisfied with Mr. Osama’s treatments. After everything I’ve been through and everything I’ve survived, I can recommend you to visit Mr. Osama in Petrova 101. For the first time in my life I can hope for a better and normal life because I believe that Mr. Osama really helped me and everyone I was talking to in Center for life quality improvement in Petrova 101.
G. A. Zagreb


I have suffered from ear noise since 1992. The cause of the ear noise was the carbide explosion. In fact, I was close to a case in which the carbide exploded and since then I had the ear noises that I could not get rid of. I took several types of medications, but nothing helped me. From the press I learned about Mr. Osama and decided to seek help from him. I started with therapy in August last year and in the next five months, my condition improved significantly. Otherwise, I could not go anywhere where even the slightest noise or louder music was present, but now I can.
Željko B. Kutina

I got up in the morning and walked out of the bed when I suddenly noticed that I can’t see! It was six months ago. I panicked. I asked for medical attention. He was found to have diabetes and eyes cataract. I started taking the insulin twice a day. But the sight didn’t come back. I tried to seek help from different people, but when that didn’t help until my neighbors told me about Mr. Osama who could help me. Mr. Osama told me he can try to help me, but that he cannot promise me that I will regain the sight. But already after the third treatment I felt better. Now, after 18 treatments I can see and I feel good – both physically and mentally. Now I am happy because my sight returned, and I hope that the future will be also positive. I thank God that I was referred to Mr. Osama, and I am also grateful to Mr. Osama who helped me and returned my vision at a time when official medicine could not.
M.A.( 64,)Zagreb

For years, I am listen and reading about the bioenergy treatments, acupuncture and other alternative treatment methods, but so far none of those methods has yielded serious results. That wasn’t thrilled about them until I’ve read the patients confessions in Stella Magazine. Then I’ve decided to talk with my mother in order to convince her to try the alternative treatment, because she was very ill and in critical condition. The official medicine diagnosed her with left eye nerves narrowing. She was living for 8 years with unbearable pain. She couldn’t sleep nor eat. She was taking five capsules of Tegretol painkillers a day. After only a three treatments with Mr. Osama, she stopped taking painkillers because the pain has stopped. Today, she feels the pain only during the weather changes. Perhaps that will disappear too, because she generally feels good.
Also, I have been diagnosed with psychoneurosis, fatigue, depression and lack of concentration. My condition was getting worse, I started taking Apaurin, but the problems didn’t stop. At that time I was graduating from college. I was unable to concentrate and gather strength to graduate. After the seventh treatment, I’ve passed the exam without any problems. In the future I hope that everything will go according to plan. I am no longer depressed, and I’m tired only after hard work. My general health condition is better and I feel great. Everything that happened to me changed my vision of the world. I was very impressed by the treatment and today I can say that now I believe in the things I didn’t feel before.
Božena Mesek (25)

I was very ill. My eyes were damaged as were the right hand peripheral nerves. Since the official medicine was unsuccessful, I have contacted Mr. Osama and already after the 15th treatment I was feeling better. Today, I don’t have eyesight problems and I can use my right hand normally which was not possible before the treatment. I am very thankful to Mr. Osama for helping me and showing me a new world of the complete physical and spiritual life.
J. K. (47), Zagreb

My son Edo was born in 1992 and was having health problems since then. The doctors could not perform an eye surgery because he was too young. I was feeling devastated watching my son growing up with eyes difficulties that disabled him from seeing. The doctors gave him glasses but after a week his eyes swollen. The doctors decided to perform the surgery but they have informed me that the surgery is very risky and that there could me many negative post-operative complications. I could not stand the possibility of losing my son.
One day I was watching a TV show that hosted Mr. Osama Shreim who was healing people with divine energy. Tomorrow morning I went to see him in the Center in Zagreb and he suggested me the divine energy treatment. After two weeks of treatments the changes my son had were evident: his eyes started to open and his eyesight was expanding. Edo underwent 17 treatments and now his eyes are coming back to normal. I am very satisfied and thrilled seeing his health condition improving and I want to thank Mr. Osama for helping my son.
Dinja Omerović


Since I was nine years old, I had digestion-related problems. I was on many diets and when I eat something heavy I would feel the pain in stomach and diarrhea. Doctors told me I had gastritis. Since last year, I started to have extremely painful diarrhea and to feel pain in stomach and guts. Diagnosis was irritating colon. Even though the doctor said that everything would be alright, it wasn’t. I started to lose weight drastically and I weakened. After a few treatments with Mr. Osama, the diarrhea stopped and the pain started to cease. I still watch out on the food I eat, but there is more different types of food I can eat now. I believe that soon I could eat everything, even the pepperoncini, as Mr. Osama promised me.
Ivan P. (24) Krapina

I had huge problems with the digestive system, stomach, pancreas, lower back spine and headache. At the medical examination I was told that the pancreas is in such a condition that it will function only for a few months. I was not allowed to eat food without pills or tablets. Since the pills were not adequate, I had to stop taking them. Because I had frequent pain and stiffness balance, the analysis of my spine diagnosed me with hernia. This led me to seek help in bioenergy. Decisive was the reading of Stella Magazine about the work of Mr. Osama. Already after the first treatment, my condition was visibly improved. No more pain in the stomach, nausea and pain in pancreas which occurred after every meal, no more stiffness and back pain. Even the headaches, that plagued me for years, suddenly disappeared.
Ankica Š. (31) waitress

I came to ANKH with hope to be saved from surgery. In the beginning I had severe psychological problems: stress at work and at home and very violent nervous situation. As a consequence, I had bloody diarrhea, weakness, exhaustion and loss of appetite. The tests showed a lot of various-sized polyps in the intestine. Surgery should encompass most part of the intestine. Since the surgery was not scheduled immediately, I had time to seek help from Mr. Osama. After the first few treatments my appetite returned and mentally I began to relax. After the whole treatment, thanks to the divine energy, psychological problems disappeared completely, as well as my overall health. Divine energy gave me a sense of security, happiness and satisfaction.
Josip K. iz Zagreba

Iva had the stomach pain for two years and after many medical examinations, the official medicine was unable to solve the problem. But the pain worsened and started to be more frequent. Since she started the therapy, the pain gradually weakened and finally disappeared.
Majka Ive P.,Zagreb

When I was 16 I was diagnosed with acute gastritis and after a while my condition got worse. During the last few years I felt so much pain that I had to use more than 200 pills a year in order to regain my health. Doctors said to me that my stomach ulcer could not be treated and that I just need to accept that. At that time I’ve heard about Osama and I started with treatments. After only a few therapies I don’t feel any pain, I can eat everything and I no longer I have to think about pills.
Željka Škalabrin (student, 24)

I had problems with stomach pain for a very long time. When I read the stories of other people in Stella I came to Zagreb. After the treatment I felt better and the stomach pain was gone.
Dubravka Š. from Šibenik

I had numerous stomach-related difficulties. Whenever I eat something I would start throwing up. I have visited Osama seven times and since then I don’t feel any stomach pain. I smoke and drink also but without any pain at all.
Anđelko Tuđen (43), electrician


My problems with health started when I was 17 years old and had a virus. After the pills treatment, my heart was better, but mentally I was not feeling good. I started to see a therapist who, finally, sent me to hospital. My condition was getting worse. I didn’t want to talk to the people, I was avoiding them. Constantly I had a feeling of some kind of fear, I was very tense. After being hospitalized for two times, I gave up the treatment. When I heard about Mr. Osama, I paid him a visit. Now, I feel much better. After almost nine years, my condition is normalizing and I don’t feel the pain anymore. I hope for the better.

I heard for Mr. Osama first time I saw the copy of at that time new magazine Stella. Before that, I was reading about the possibilities of the alternative medicine and it gave me the courage to contact Mr. Osama. At the time, I was feeling tired and depressed, and I also had headaches and feeling sick all the time. I have tried the official medicine, but it did not help me. The first treatment at Center, I was the difference in treatment which was very successful: the headaches stopped and my general health improved. I was full of joy and happiness. The place that I am coming to is healing, and when I am there I can feel the positive and healing vibrations. That is also the reason why I still go to the treatments. I was on many treatments and I would advise everyone in need to feel free to contact Osama because he can surely help them.
Branka K., Zagreb

I had pubertal disorders, irritability, nervousness and insomnia. As my condition started deteriorating, I stopped taking the medication and started coming to therapy. Already after the second treatment my health condition is visibly improved, so after sixth therapy, I was able to attend school classes. I had 12 treatments and now I feel completely healthy for what I am especially grateful to Mr. Osama who helped me with divine energy treatment.
Tomislav Dominko (15)

I’ve been diagnosed with psychoneurosis, fatigue, depression and lack of concentration. My condition was getting worse, I started taking Apaurin, but the problems didn’t stop. At that time I was graduating from college. I was unable to concentrate and gather strength to graduate. After the seventh treatment, I’ve passed the exam without any problems. In the future I hope that everything will go according to plan. I am no longer depressed, and I’m tired only after hard work. My general health condition is better and I feel great. Everything that happened to me changed my vision of the world. I was very impressed by the treatment and today I can say that now I believe in the things I didn’t feel before.
Božena Mesek

I felt mental and physical fatigue very often. I was also diagnosed with sciatica, I had flat feet, and my general health was nothing to be proud of. Only after a few treatments, I felt better. After every treatment I was leaving the Center filled with optimism. The positive changes in my spirit are noticed by people around me. I was skeptical at first, but I feel way better after the treatment
Željko Stanec, Zagreb

I can’t write about my treatment experience with Osama without mentioning that he is the first man who helped me to move from the place I’ve been. I had a bad life. I lived in chaos for five years and I was not aware of my body and soul. When I speak about that chaos, I speak about the huge insecurity, fear and life on pills. When I was going to the Center for the third treatment, everything was normal and ordinary. Slowly I was feeling out of the reality and during the treatment, even though I was physically in the Center, I went somewhere and I came back. My soul got out. When Mr. Osama asked me how do I feel I told him that everything was ok. Now, I can normally write about this but the fact is that my astral body at that moment had the necessity to get out of my body. It got out and I was aware of it. I cannot explain where did it went because I don’t know that. I am just accepting the fact that it happened.
Marija M. – ZAGREB

It was hard living with a son who had mental disorders. His behavior was difficult: he had fear of going out on the street, he felt depressed and stopped eating. During the night the problems worsened because he could not sleep. The usual treatments were not successful so I’ve decided to contact Mr. Osama Shreim to seek help from him. After the first treatment, my son felt better and slept during the night. We continued with the divine energy treatments until my son became completely healthy. In the end he started eating normally and going out in the crowd. He became very pleasant, calm and happy. I cannot find the words to thank Mr. Osama for all the help he gave my son in returning his life back on track.
Ruža from Zagreb

I was feeling bad for a very long period of time. I had a feeling as some external force was influencing my life. I was taking pills but they were ineffective. The pills were slowing me down and I was sleepy. After I found out about Mr. Osama I went to the Center. I was completely lost before, but after the second treatment I felt as a new person. Thanks to Mr. Osama I believe I will stop using the pills. I am very grateful to him because he gave me back my life.
Korado P. (17),Bjelovar

One day my husband bought Stella Magazine where I read about the Center in Petrova 101, Zagreb. We have decided to visit the Center because I wanted to be healthy again. I wanted to once again be the old Nada I was, to be happy and cheerful again. My life changed completely seven years ago when I’ve joint a popular cult at that time in Croatia. Later, my husband had a car accident and my life became ruined. Inside the cult the participant were constantly telling me that they are only ones who can help me. It was the period of strong suggestions, fight and sometimes I would just give up and let them do whatever they want. I became nervous and sad. I’ve stopped talking to other people. I have never blamed anyone for my life condition, I have just moved from other people any become asocial not wanting the changes in my life. I have abandoned the cult three years later.
I became even more depressed and then I remembered the article about Mr. Shreim and his Center for life quality improvement. After reading the article one more time after many years, I went to sleep and it was the first time after many years I slept peacefully. Tomorrow I went to Zagreb to seek help from Mr. Osama. I stayed in Zagreb because Mr. Osama scheduled me for treatments every day. After every following treatment my mental condition was improving. Today, I am the old Nada, happy and cheerful again, I am the person I used to be. I don’t even think about joining any cult ever because I just want to be what I am. Nothing else. I am thankful to Mr. Osama for helping me regain my health condition I used to have.
Nada Rudolf Labin


The number of diagnosis I had was so huge I could not even enlist them: liver failure, pain in the left arm, left hand, back spine pain, hips difficulties and s swelling on I coult not get out from bed not to walk normally. It was unbearable. I started seeing different specialists in bioenergy and different kind of therapies but every treatment I tried was ineffective. When I found out about Mr. Osama Shreim I have paid him a visit and started with the divine energy treatments. I started feeling better and eating normally. After a few treatments, I felt the changes on my body: the skin on my legs started changing and my general health condition was improving. Even though the therapies were intensive I have continued coming to the Center and at the end my health condition got much better. Today, I feel as I am reborn and cannot find the words to thank Mr. Osama for giving me back my health and happiness.
Marija Sarić

A year and a half ago, I woke up in the morning feeling bad. I felt really bad: headache, dizziness, spine pain, stomach pain, palpitations, ear noises, and a great sense of fear. In a short time, I have made all the necessary medical examinations. The results were normal, and I still felt like I was going to die at any moment. I felt absolutely powerless, both mentally and physically, and all that was followed by pain. After six months I spend two weeks in the hospital. I didn’t felt better not even when I got home. In the tormenting condition I was also working and taking all the preparations I was given to. There was just no improvement. Then I started coming to the treatments at Mr. Osama’s Center. After only a few treatments, everything cleared up in my head and the palpitations stopped. In the morning I woke up differently, I felt rested and I was feeling better. I have accepted my problems and with hope in solving them I hope to become once again the person I was. I am grateful to the almighty God who kept me alive in my agony and who showed me the way to Mr. Osama whose use of divine energy helped many people. People come to Mr. Osama with great confidence which is mutual. The trust between him and his patients derives from the faith in success and in overcoming the crisis.
Nevenka K. , Sv. Martin pod Okićem

Tomislav is 11, Antonia is 10 and the youngest Manda is only 3 years old. They were brought by their parents in Petrova 101 in March. They look cheerful, but even they have their own problems. Tomislav have consequences from his early childhood: with his parents and older brother he was in a car crash. He was not injured but traumatized which gave him difficulties in learning. Antonia was diagnosed with Ep Patsialis and Enuresis nosturna since May last year. She was proscribed Tegretol painkillers because she was having strong headaches. Antonia lost interest in school and started to feel tired and sleepy all the time. Manda, the youngest one, had digestion problems. When she was going to the toilet, she would cry for hours. Doctors could not help her.
All three of them had 10 treatments and their health condition generally improved. Already after the first treatment, Manda stopped having digestion problems. She wasn’t crying anymore. She accepts the treatment as a game. Tomislav’s success in school significantly improved, and Antonia stopped having headaches. The generally feel very good. We are relieved.

Watching my wife being healthier after every treatment at Mr. Osama’s Center, I’ve decided to take the treatment myself. I have spine problems, prostate disease and angina pectoris. Since I started the treatment at Mr. Osama’s Center, I became a different person. I feel better, I’m in the good mood and there are no usual pain. Even my blood pressure got better. The main reason I feel better is the divine energy treatment that Mr. Osama practiced, says Roman Knez, while his wife Helena continues:
My choice was to have a spine surgery or to have a divine energy treatment. I was going on a physical therapy, but my condition was getting worse. In that despair, I didn’t know what to do. Then I’ve decided to have a divine energy treatment at Mr. Osama’s Center and after the fifth or sixth Osama’s treatment I was reborn. I didn’t feel any pain, I felt generally better and after 15 treatments I am walking completely normal without pain. Mr. Osama is an exceptional person. He is the man that help people with divine energy and his healing treatment is completely natural. That is my opinion. He radiates kindness, happiness and sometimes it is enough just to stand beside him to feel better, healthier and more safe. One time I felt the pain in my neck and I called Mr. Osama. He was explaining to me very softly what to do to eliminate the pain. After a few minutes the pain really disappeared. I don’t feel pain now and I feel completely cured and happy. To Mr. Osama I wish a long life full of energy and I want him to continue curing many patients.
Roman and Helena Knez

My first contact with Mr. Osama indicate that I have stepped into a new, magical world, explains Miljenko O., a transport engineer from Zagreb. –In order for a sick man to understand the way Osama cures people, he or she need only to pay him a visit because there are no words to explain this miracle healing process. I had mental problems alongside with left muscle dysfunction on my face. The first reactions took place after the third treatment and after the sixth one the mental problems completely disappeared and my face muscle got stronger. My life quality significantly improved and I have gained a valuable experience that proves the unfathomability of God’s way of acting.
Miljenko O. from Zagreb

I am one of those people who wakes up in the morning not remembering what they have been dreaming last night. One day something different happened to me. I saw in my dream two men, one of them grey and the other one with black moustaches. They told me that they are coming from the place my mother originates from. Then I woke up and there was no one in the room besides me. I felt very strange.
The other day, a man from my dream rang on my door. He was a TV cashier guy. I was surprised and wandered when I will see the next one. Two days later, my neighbor came to my apartment bringing me three copies of Stella Magazine. She showed me the pictures of Mr. Osama and told me that I must pay him a visit and that he can cure my illness. I was surprised to see the second man from my dream.
I did as she told me. Our encounter was very pleasant. We talked about my spine pain, blood circulation problems, eyesight loss, cold feeling, etc. I have experienced the first treatment as an energy burst and the strength was entering my body through Mr. Osama’s hands. After the treatment I rested for a while and went back home. I didn’t felt any pain. I felt reborn as if I was someone else, but it was me. I had four treatments and after every one of them I felt better. During the years, I had a lot of official medical treatments and I was feeling very sick taking pills, so sick that I had to quit the official treatments. Then I believed that it was over for me, that I would die. Instead, my dream took me to Mr. Osama and now I am reborn. I am very grateful to Mr. Osama.
Jelka S., ZAGREB

Since early youth I had angina pectoris. Later, I was diagnosed with kidney diseases, bile diseases and sciatica. I tried everything: pills, injections, blockades, physical therapies of any kind. After all that, I was having pain in extremities and I was suffocating. I just could not breathe. I was taking two to three sleeping pills. They didn’t help. When the pain was strong I was up all day and night. I was walking with stick. When I heard about Mr. Osama I decided to contact him, no matter what. After the third treatment, I felt better and I was convinced in divine energy healing. I felt reborn. The pain disappeared and the medications I was taking are no longer necessary.
Amalija Božić(66)

I’ve been diagnosed with kidney problems two years ago. I was in hospital, and later on hemodialysis three times a week. Then my heart problems started. Generally I was very tired I couldn’t climb the first floor stairs. I was having difficulties with hemodialysis so I’ve decided to try the divine energy treatment three months ago, twice a week.Today, I’m very satisfied with the results. The side effects of the hemodialysis such as throwing up, nausea, fatigue, pain, hearth problems, etc. are gone. I will continue with the therapy.
Josip Gajski (37) ,Sesvete

I had 12 treatments and now I feel much better. The pain in my head is weaker than it was before. The leg swelling is gone. Mr. Osama told me that I have kidney stone that provokes the kidney pain. The uterus tumor I am having for five years is still there, but the pain I was feeling is supportable now. The nervous I had caused the stomach pain which is weaker now. I like the treatments I have at Mr. Osama’s Center but the travelling I have to make from Virovitica to Zagreb are causing me to stop coming very often. When my situation get better I will visit Mr. Osama for new treatments.
Milena Česnik ,Cabun

Everything started, says Slavica, ten years ago when I gave birth to my first two daughters. Because of the complications I had I was diagnosed with leg thrombosis. I was hospitalized for three months and after my release the doctor proscribed me Pelentan. It was probably because of the increased doses of Pelentan that my body was severely damaged: my liver was increased significantly, the right kidney was damaged and the spleen increased for 12 centimeters! Shortly after that, Slavica sought help from Mr. Osama Shreim. Only after the 12 treatments, her health improved significantly. Slavica feels better every day and decides to pay visit to the doctors and to take medical examinations who’s results were regular: the health of the liver, kidneys and spleen improved! I was happy because i could not expect such an optimistic result in such short period of time. But it happened! I believe in Mr. Osama’s power and in myself!
Slavica Lončarek ,Višnjica Donja kraj Trakošćana

I had many health problems, strong pain in the hips, breathing difficulties, etc. These are the consequences from the head hurt I had before. When I’m doing difficult tasks I get tired quickly. I had also digestion problems and I was throwing up frequently. All my life I am visiting doctors and searching help but everything was in vain. Then I’ve heard about Mr. Osama and his divine energy treatments. After the first treatment I felt slightly better. I had a reaction – sweat. But during the first treatment I felt that Mr. Osama is going to help me. Today, I don’t feel such strong pain in the hips and I can do tasks I could not do before. I can eat without throwing up. I feel much better I can’t even express my happiness. I am very grateful to Mr. Osama. Let the God keep him safe so he can help many others.
Željko Bednjač

Kako čuvati svoju energiju
Kako uopće postati svjestan svoje uloge, i uopće uloge čovjeka, u krugu života i kako čuvati svoju bioenergiju koja je ograničena – pitanje je koje mi se i danas postavlja, u želji da tu energiju čuvam (ujedno i fizičko i duhovno stanje), a da se pritom ne povlačim iz okruženja ljudi, da budem sretna, a i oni koji se nalaze u mojoj blizini.To je pitanje na koje možda neću moći odgovoriti, ali možda ću pomoći drugima da dobiju odgovor i da sami sebi pomognu. Kako sam osoba koja je veći dio svoga života jako štitila svoju privatnost, teško mi je pisati o sebi .Činim to samo sa jednom željom, a ta je, kako će možda netko kada ovo pročita, moći pomoći sebi, a uz sve štovanje, izrazila bih još jednom svoju veliku zahvalnost g. Osami.Pokušat ću biti kratka.Kako nas u jednom trenu život ne mazi, tako se dogodilo i meni. Nakon pet operacija, dvije teške dijagnoze, 1991. godine pod prijetnjom da što prije operiram štitnjaču, dogovorena je operacija u Institutu za tumore (a tamo se liječe teški bolesnici, ponekad i bez nade za preživljavanje), i ta operacija trebala je biti 20. prosinca 1991. Već u to vrijeme bilo je dosta ranjenika po našim bolnicama. Dana 19. prosinca željela sam obaviti nešto za te ljude, prije nego me odvezu na operaciju. Krenula sam s mojim nadražim prijateljem, koji mi je u životu mnogo značio. Obavili smo sve zbog čega smo krenuli u posjetu jednoj od bolnica. I na povratku kući (tog 19. prosinca, SAD su priznale našu Hrvatsku kao državu i mnogo se slavilo), jedan od onih koji su zbog toga malo više popili bio je i čovjek koji je skrivio tešku prometnu nesreću, a u kojoj sam ja jako stradala. Da sve bude gore, ja sam jedina preživjela. Samo Bog zna kako i zašto?Tri godine trajala je borba za moj život, za moje zdravlje: fraktura lubanje, s nagnječenjem mozga, prijelomi kuka, noge, ruke, razni ožiljci, a na licu popucale su mi sve kosti (čeljusne), a i bez nosa sam ostala. Uz fizičke traume, šokove, ostala je i bol od spoznaje kako sam samo ja preživjela. Uslijedili su dani suza, bolova, operacija. Nisam imala pedeset tisuća maraka kako bih se vani operirala, pustila sam svojim prijateljima da to učine kod nas, uz svu njihovu pažnju. Hvala im!Kako je liječenje išlo prema kraju, nastao je pakao za mene u vidu posljedica. Vid, traumatski napadaji, bolovi u kralježnici, bolovi glave…U mukama od bolova, došla sam g. Osami. Nakon prve terapije riješila sam se bolova u glavi, a nakon druge i bolova u kralježnici. Zapravo, , imam osjećaj kako ne mogu sve to niti ispričati jer je sve toliko nevjerojatno da ni sama nemam riječi kako zahvaliti dragom Bogu i g. Osami koji su mi pomogli. Danas sam dobro, nakon samo pet tretmana. Vjerojatno ću povremeno i ubuduće zbog dobrog zdravlja (fizičkog i psihičkog) odlaziti u Petrovu 101. Jer, tamo su osim mene, pomoć pronašli i neki moji prijatelji koje volim i kojima je pomoć bila prijeko potrebna.Ne mogu misliti drugo do samo jedno. Bog je odabrao mene da propatim, ali je odabrao i da ozdravim uz pomoć Božanske energije i gospodina Osame.
Marija Š. ZAGREB

My name is Ljiljana Turkalj. I live with my husband Zlatko and my daughter marija. We sought help from Mr. Osama in 1992. It happened by accident and today when I look back I can say that we were very lucky. We were married from 1989 and our lives were empty for a long time because we didn’t have a child. We wanted the child to be the crown and the blessing of our lives. After few years we went to see the doctor, took medical examinations and were told that we would never have a child. The doctor advised us to adopt. It was terrifying and shocking. We were unable to talk about it.
When we heard about Mr. Osama we’ve decided to pay him a visit. I must admit that I was not sure that he will help us. My husband was resolute so we continued with the treatments. After a month and a half a miracle happened. I was pregnant and I could not believe it until I saw the official medical test results. We thought we were dreaming. During the pregnancy I was taking care of myself and going on the treatments regularly. I gave birth to a healthy daughter Marija. After that we stopped seeing Mr. Osama. He wished us good luck.
A year after the birth of my child I was pregnant again. We were very happy because we wanted to have more children. The pregnancy was very good, nothing out of the ordinary. But then happened something horrible. We had a car accident. My father died, my husband and my mother were severely hurt. I lost the baby and broke a leg. My daughter Marija was not hurt. Then I remembered the words of Mr. Osama that he is going to make a talisman for Marija so that she would be happy and safe in her life. I am aware that she was very lucky and that the God saved her. The accident happened two years ago. I will feel emptiness in my hearth my whole life.
All these traumas caused me once again to seek help from Mr. Osama. Since I am taking the treatments I feel much better. I want to point out that my mental condition got better and that my leg problems diminished. I want to thank Mr. Osama for the help he gave me. He gave us help with his divine hands. There are no words which I can say the thanks I have for him. I wish him happiness and good as he gave me and my family. Thank God he send me to his Center at the time I needed it the most.
Ljiljana Turkalj

Sunčica is very optimistic person. She is the foundation of her family and takes care of everyone. She is the mother of three, wife and the owner of a small coffee shop where she works as a waitress and stands on her feet all day. Despite numerous tasks she has, she manages everything. Seven years ago her 19-years-old son Denis died in a car crash.
-I always said to myself that I can do everything because I have to do everything, says Sunčica. – When my son died I have saved my husband from the depression and gave birth to Paulina who is now six years old. When our daughter was born we were back on our feet. I remember that my mother gave birth to me when she was 33 years old, after 11 years of marriage. The reason why she gave me name Sunčica (name derives from Croatian “sunce” meaning “the sun”) because she was reborn and thrilled by my birth. So let it be! – says Sunčica.
-My health problems started ten years ago when I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I felt very dizzy but that was not a problem for me, so I believed. It was the time when country was in war, we were focused on surviving and I was not thinking much about my health problems – says Sunčica.
She was diagnosed with high blood pressure during her last pregnancy. Despite that, she gave birth to her daughter without any problems. She was not taking pills nor does she visited the doctors for that matter. In 1999 she visits the doctor again when she was diagnosed with proteinuria or porous kidney disorder and she was proscribed with Medrol pills therapy.
– I went to see the doctor because I was terrified. I had a little baby and I witnessed our neighbor having stroke after which he died. I was in fear and asked myself: “What am I doing? I have a little baby and I don’t take care of my health!” Believe me, I was scared for the first time in my life. After the hospital visit, I started taking pills.
– Even though I was taking Medrol pills, my condition has not improved. Rather, it got worse – says Sunčica.
– What exactly happened?
– Well, I got weight and my body was swollen. Medrol pills caused insomnia, sweating, liver damaging and strong fatigue. I was not able to work, my breathing was heavy and heart palpitation speed increased. Everything got worse!
– What did you do then?
– My doctor suggested the hospitalization, but I’ve decided to take the care of myself. I throw away the pills and paid a visit to Mr. Osama. I had a therapy with Mr. Osama before because of my knee difficulties when he helped the pain go away. He treated me with divine energy. I even leaved him my photo so that he can perform distance treatment for two months.
– What happened next?
– It was simple. After a while I did medical tests and the results showed that my condition improved. The blood pressure was normal, there were no more swellings and my kidney started to improve its condition. Two months later, my health condition was normal. Then I talked to my doctor and explained what I did. She said it was unbelievable.
– You told her that even without her approval you stopped using Medrol pills, that you have been treated with divine energy and that you are better now?
– Yes, I told her so. She was very interested about the healing process because the medical results showed that my health condition got better. There were no more difficulties I was feeling before. Now, I feel very good, I’m back to my work. There’s no more insomnia. Everything is back to normal.
– Have you felt the practice of the distant healing?
– I didn’t think about it because I didn’t have any time to think. I was occupied with children, husband and coffee shop. But, one time I was lying down in my bed I felt as someone’s hand is relaxing by back. Then I thought about Mr. Osama who was performing the distance healing.
– How did you feel the changes in your body?
– Seven days after the first treatment, I started losing weight and my swellings were decreasing. It lasted for a month. My blood pressure normalized. The interesting fact was that the patients cannot suddenly stop using Medrol. Instead, they need to gradually decrease the usage of that medication. But, I’ve just throw the pills away and nothing bad happened to me.
– Did you ever had any doubts about Mr. Osama’s work?
– No. I was completely sure that he can help me. Even though it seems strange now, I was completely sure that there is a cure for me.
Sunčica Brajković went to see the doctors in November last year when the medical examination results showed that she was in good health condition. Her doctor advised her to take the next examinations after the three months period because she is interested to see the healing process. Sunčica, who is healthy today, is expecting to become healthier and to improve her condition ever more.
Sunčica Brajković

Ž. J. from Stupnik visited Osama because of the strong post-operative difficulties he had. After having his tumor removed from the stomach, he lost 20 kilograms and, despite the attentive medical care, his condition was getting worse. His cousin suggested to visit Osama and take the divine energy treatment. Two months after: “It was as I have never undergone the operation. There is no more pain or difficulties, I have a normal appetite and I am very satisfied. There are no words which I can describe the gratitude I feel for Mr. Osama and I am very glad that we have become friends”.
Ž. J. ,Stupnik

V. R from Zagreb also cannot express her gratitude for Mr. Osama’s help. The gangrene was very difficult for her and she thought that the only way she can get rid of the toothache was by chirurgic intervention. After the second intervention, the gangrene reappeared. After 8 treatments in Osama’s Center, the gangrene was gone which was confirmed by RTG scan.

I was really ill. I had lungs surgery, two breast tumor surgeries and 8th rib resection surgery. After all that, the doctors diagnosed me with another tumor. Because of the radiation I have started to lose eyesight and had numerous strong headaches. I was allergic to almost every drug I was supposed to be treated with. I could not walk anymore. I was desperate and dependant on my children and grandchildren. Since I was living alone, I was constantly expecting someone to come over and help me. My family had to carry me around the house because I could not move anymore.
One day, while my daughter was visiting, she informed me about Mr. Osama’s divine energy treatments. We went to see him the very next day. After the first treatment I felt slightly better, as I have regained a piece of myself. So I’ve continued with the treatments that lasted for four months. I could not believe what was going on, but generally I was feeling better with every treatment. I can say now: there is God and he is great and mighty! I recommend everyone to pay a visit to Mr. Osama Shreim because he is the only one who can help them. I am very grateful to Mr. Osama Shreim because he gave me back my life.
Jarmila Vancaš(44)

My health difficulties started five years ago when I was still employed. During that period of time, I had problems with spine, kidneys and lungs. Since the pain I was feeling became stronger, I was pensioned. I was completely powerless. After two treatments in Center, my health condition improved in such way that I was able to sleep normally, I could move my arms, the stomach pain was gone and the kidneys are in great condition.
Since the pain was completely gone I didn’t feel dizzy in the morning. I have continued the treatments on by spine because it is severely damaged. I am aware that the improvement during the last 8 divine energy treatments is a miracle and I believe that my health condition will improve even more.
Ljubica Puhelek , Zelina

I have visited Mr. Osama Shreim on January 4th 1995. My health condition was extremely difficult. I had a polyp surgery in 1994. Besides the polyps I was bleeding very often and had myoma in the uterus. The stomach pain was unbearable and the doctors could not help me because I was allergic to every drug I was supposed to take.
When my son brought me to Mr. Osama I must admit that I was not sure will he help me or not. I was feeling very sick and thinking that I would die. Mr. Osama was very careful and attentive and told me that he will give me 28 treatments. Already after the second treatment I felt better. The diarrhea stopped and my digestion started to normalize itself. After the 28 treatments I had, I felt as a completely new person. We agreed that I will be coming to the Center every month and a half. My period also normalized and when I visited the doctor in Split he told me that everything was ok with me.
Now, I feel great. The pain disappeared. The divine energy treatments helped me and I am continuing to visit the Center. I would like to advise everyone to seek help from Mr. Osama because he can help everyone. He is my guardian angel!
Nada Gaćina

I had three stomach ulcers for years. It was very painful so I was visiting the doctor on regular basis, but the treatments they were giving to me were useless. I was even going abroad to see numerous specialists but even their therapies were unsuccessful. I was constantly on diet and my feet became painful. Everything became very difficult.
When I’ve heard about Mr. Osama I’ve decided to pay him a visit. After many years of suffering I did not believe that I will be healthy again but I went anyway. For a short period of time, the pain I had diminished and the headaches suddenly stopped. Today, I can say that my health condition improved because I can eat anything and I’m filled with energy. I am thankful to God and to Mr. Osama for saving me. I believe that I will become completely healthy very soon. I don’t have any reason not to believe!
Šime Jelinić, Zagreb

I admit that I was skeptical the first time I went for a divine energy treatment because after so many time living in pain and all the pills I was taking there was no optimistic perspective for me. So I believed.
After the last summer, the spine and knees pain became much stronger and intense. I could not even move because every move I made was painful. My friend told me to visit Mr. Osama because he believed that only Mr. Osama could heal me. That was the only optimistic sign I was having so I’ve decided to pay him a visit. Since the first treatment, I started coming to Petrova 101 every night and my pain was becoming less intense with every following divine energy treatment.
Now, after a month, the pain I was feeling is history. But I have continued the treatments because I feel better mentally. Simply, today I believe in energy even though I don’t know how to explain it. Thank God and Mr. Osama for helping me.
Danijela V.,Zagreb

Nenad Blatnik (29) from Zagreb had health issues for a very long time. When he was young the doctors diagnosed him with hearth problems and told him it could not be treated. The blood circulation was problematic and because of the injections he was receiving, Nenad had numerous headaches and insomnia.
Nenad tried to cure himself by visiting many doctors and specialists, but the treatments he was receiving had short-term improvement. When he heard about Mr. Osama Shreim, he paid a visit to the Center for life quality improvement. After the first treatment he felt a warmth going through his body and that pulled him to continue coming for the treatment. Very soon his hearth problems stopped and the fatigue he was feeling before became history. After the 10th treatment, his sinuses cleared and there were no more insomnia or headaches.
-I thank God and Mr. Osama for helping me get my health back – says Nenad Blatnik from Zagreb.
Nenad Blatnik (29) ,Zagreb

Two years ago, my life changed completely. The split I had with a very dear person provoked a hard emotional crisis. But, it was only a beginning of numerous difficulties I had to go through – says Sandra Golob from Zagreb.
– Sometimes I believed that I could never be able to live normally again and that I would never get out from the crisis I’ve been in. I could not sleep and my working abilities decreased significantly. Then I have found Stella Magazine when I was visiting a friend and read about the divine energy treatments practiced by Mr. Osama Shreim. I have also read the patients stories and the kind words they had for Mr. Osama stimulated me to visit the Center for life quality improvement.
– At that time I was visiting many doctors and specialist but was not cured. After the first treatment at the Center, I felt my body relaxation. It was as something was going through my body that I cannot explain. After the treatment I felt very sleepy.
– After 10 treatments I had in the Center, I have stopped using the pills I was proscribed with. The doctor saw my health condition improvement and was happy about it, even though he could not quite understand the way I was healed.
– I am still having the divine energy treatments but rarely. I have started to live normally again. I don’t have any problems accepting people and communicating with them. The everyday problems and difficulties are something that I can manage by myself. I hope my life would remain as happy as it is now.
– I want to thank Mr. Osama for helping me to regain the health and happiness I had – says Sandra Golob from Zagreb.
Sandra Golob, Zagreb

Dubravka Klasić from Lekenik says: “My baby was ill for 2 years. The problems started when he was 1-year-old. We had seen many doctors and specialist but Kristijan was not getting better. The illness was returning every month between 13th and 20th of every following month.
Since he was proscribed with many pills, he finally ended up developing the immunity on every drug he was treated with. His blood count was very bad so he had to stay in the hospital. After the surgery, his health condition was not improving.
We were hopeless until one day our neighbor advised us to see Mr. Osama Shreim and told us that he is the only one who can help Kristijan. Our neighbor had similar story and Mr. Osama helped her child too. We took the advice and went to the Center for life quality improvement in Zagreb where we spoke with Mr. Osama describing and explaining the problems Kristijan had.
During the first month of the treatment, Kristijan’s health started improving. When we were going on a summer vacation, everyone advised us to take as many pills as we may need, but thank God none of them were necessary during the vacation because Kristijan’s health really did improve. Today, we don’t know how to thank Mr. Osama for the divine energy treatments he practice. We would advise everyone to seek help from Mr. Osama in Center for life quality improvement because he is the one who really helps people. We will continue with the treatments in the Center until Kristijan’s health is completely improved.
Dubravka Klasić ,Lekenik

I was born in Sunja, a small town in continental Croatia. The most part of my life I was living and working abroad, first in Germany and later in Australia. Since I was ambitious, I had many plans for the future but then I’ve become sick.
I had difficulties with every vital organ in my body and underwent numerous surgeries. When one disease ceased or was cured, the other one would appear. It was as an enchanted circle. I was depressed and I was starting to lose myself. I have paid a visit to many doctors abroad in cities I lived in. My health condition would improve for a while, but then the pills would become ineffective.
I came back in Croatia in 1995 for a short period of time. When I came here, I accidentally saw the Stella Magazine and I’ve read about Mr. Osama and the Center for life quality improvement he was directing. The decision I’ve made was very easy: visit Mr. Osama.
After a few divine energy treatments I felt better and walked easier. My legs stopped swelling. I went back to Australia and the difficulties didn’t came back at all!
In July 1997 I’ve returned to Croatia once again and I could not wait to see Mr. Osama in the Center and to restart the divine energy treatments. I was convinced that I would be cured already after few treatments and I was right! Now, I am 66 and I feel great. The pain and the difficulties I had are gone. And the most important thing is that the difficulties are not coming back.
Even today I visit Mr. Osama in the Center, even though I don’t need the treatments anymore. I recommend everyone to visit Mr. Osama because he is the only one who can help you! I am very grateful to him for giving me back my health life.
Sincerely grateful Kata Vranešić

Our son Mario was a good kid. He was growing up like any other child. He was like any other kid from the neighborhood: he liked to play and was very cheerfull. Suddenly he was getting more and more angry and was disturbed with almost everything that happened. We started to talk to him but it was not enough. He started crying which could last for hours. At first, we was sure that it was just a phase but the crying and the anger he was feeling continued dispite of the care and attention we were givine to him.
Then we’ve decided to visit a doctor but the medical examination results showed us that Mario was completely healthy. We was consulting with a lot of doctors, friend and relatives but none of them could help us. One day, a friend told us about Mr. Osama’s Center where he performs the divine energy treatments. He told us that it could be that Mario was cursed by someone and that the black magic is the cause of all the troubles he was having. At first, we didn’t thought that such condition was possible, but in the end we’ve decided to pay a visit to Mr. Shreim.
When we entered the Center in Petrova 101, we felt very calm and peaceful as we have known that Mr. Shreim is the one who can help our son. Since the first treatment and the talisman he gave us, our son started feeling better. Seeing the improvement, we continued visiting the Center even though we don’t live in Zagreb. Mario was becoming calmer and more peaceful. Today, he is very good and happy child who enjoys playing with his friends. Mr. Osama Shreim gave us so much help and we cannot find the words to thank him. Every parent who has experienced his child being ill can understand the suffering we went through.
Grateful parents

Renata Šuput (31): After I got over the meningitis I started stuttering. The speech exercises I was taking were unsuccessful so I started to take the divine energy treatments. Now it is much easier to speak and to be in communication with people.
Renata Šuput (31)

I had urinal bacteria since I was a child. I was born with double uterus-reflux I had an kidney surgery. After the operation I had Escherichia coli infection. After three week strong antibiotics therapy was ineffective and the bacteria were multiplying. I had the second kidney surgery after a few years, but the results were also ineffective. Bacteria continued to spread. Last year I’ve paid a visit to Mr. Osama hoping to get healthy. After several weeks of treatments the medical examination tests started to show more optimistic results. A few weeks later, my condition got worse because I’ve changed my life conditions. I took the official therapy, but it was once again ineffective. Then I’ve restarted the divine energy treatment and shortly, Mr. Osama helped me to regain healthier status. Today, I feel very good, I don’t have any urinal problems and I’ve became an optimist because I believe now that with God’s and Osama’s help I can defeat every bacteria!
Željka Šurin,Zagreb

I didn’t feel good for a very long time. I had hormonal imbalance alongside with iron loos in my blood and ample menstrual cycle. I was very nervous, instable, I couldn’t concentrate. Generally, I was not feeling very good, and there were days that my life was complete hell. I was seeing doctors regularly and taking pills because I believed that I will regain my health. With time, things got worse and worse.
By coincidence, I was talking to my college that advised me to pay a visit to Mr. Shreim. I went for it and started taking the treatments regularly in Petrova 101 in Zagreb. After every treatment, I felt better. At first, I thought it was just my own suggestion, but the very next month, my period was regular. I didn’t felt any pain. I started to live normally.
I want to thank Mr. Shreim and wish him good luck and success in life, because that is precisely what he gave me.
M.M. ,Sisak

Osama Shreim always says to his patients: “We will give it a try”. He said the same thing when he was visited by a couple from Varaždin. She was 23 and he was 25. They were married for four years, wanted to have a child but after the pregnancy and miscarriage, she was unable to become pregnant again. They’ve visited the doctors, made several medical examinations and the results were not optimistic. They were told that it is possible for them to never have a child.
The couple was devastated. –We did everything, but there was just no result. Then we talked to a specialist in bioenergy. His treatments were useless. When we found out about Mr. Osama, we were hopeless, but we decided to give it a try.
-Already after the first treatment my period was late. After few treatments I had a urinal analysis that confirmed my pregnancy. Now, I am 7-months pregnant.
A couple is visiting Osama’s Center once a month. The treatments that they are having now are focused on keeping the pregnancy safe so that there would be no complications at birth. The headache that she was feeling was gone. The couple is happy, but what does Osama says?
-It was the divine energy and God’s will! I’ve used the treatments to bring their organisms in balance, in a healthy condition. Honestly, I did not expect for this to happen so soon, but as it turns out, their organisms were quickly balanced.
-When I got pregnant, I remembered Osama’s advice. At that time I was a temporary employee and I was worried that I would lose my job after declaring that I was pregnant. Osama told me: “God have you a child, it will give you a job also.” Three days after, my bosses told me that my position in the company became a long-term position. I am also happy that my parents have ten grandchildren and that my child would be their eleventh.


Ivan Zehić (65) from Zagreb was smoking for over 30 years. It was very challenging for him to stop smokinjg. My mother in law found out about the quit smoking campaign in Astra Magazine and suggested me to start the treatment. Since I was already familiar with the bioenergy and alternative methods treatment, I have decided to pay a visit to Mr. Osama. After the first treatment I stopped smoking and after the 10th treatment I am an ex-smoker! People around me still smoke but I don’t feel the urge to take a cigarette. I believe that I am cigarette-free now and I am very thankful to Mr. Osama for helping me.
Ivan Zehić (65)

Martina Jović (30) from Zagreb visited the Center after her mother already started with the quit smoking therapy. Martina is also feeling thankful to Mr. Osama and says: – I was smoking for 13 years and lately I was smoking 15 cigarettes a day. After I saw my mother feeling satisfied, I have decided to take the treatments too. At first, I did not know whether will I succeed or not but I was curious. After the first treatment my desire for smoking has diminished so I just had five cigarettes. After the 10th treatment I didn’t have any desire for cigarettes. Through Mr. Osama’s divine energy treatments I have regained the strength to quit smoking.
Martina Jović (30)

Vlasta Anić (56) says: “I am reading Astra magazine from the beginning. I was always interested in articles about health I the advices I was reading about I have always applied in my own life. I am a smoker for 35 years and when I saw your campaign I have decided to apply for the treatment. At that time I was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. After the first treatment I felt very optimistic and I was full of energy. Since I am very busy, I haven’t quit smoking completely but now, instead of 20 cigarettes a day, I am smoking only 3 to 4. Quitting smoking for me is not dramatic or stressful and I am looking forward to quit smoking completely. I am very satisfied with the treatments and thankful to Mr. Osama.
Vlasta Anić (56)

Čedomir Rodemond-Vischer (63) has been smoking for 50 years. When he heard about the treatments he decided to apply: Despite the fact that I am smoking 20 cigarettes a day for the last 50 years, after the first treatment I quit smoking completely. Not only that I felt relaxed and peaceful during the treatment, I also didn’t felt any intensity or disturbances that I was expecting to happen during the quitting process. I felt the wave of energy and the trembling in my limbs. I am very satisfied with the treatments and I hope everyone else will apply for the divine energy treatments as I did.
Čedomir Rodemond-Vischer (63)


Young Matea Mojca Osojnik was born in 1986. She was often sick but the parents thought that the sickness was temporary. A year later, Matea was diagnosed with Bronchitis Obrst. Rec. Allerg, and later with Astma Bronhiale and Pollenosis. Matea was treated with pills and was undergoing the hypo-sensibilation therapy twice a week. Since her condition was getting worse, the only treatment that was effective at that time was the infusion. When the pain would become unbearable, she would be infused 4 times in a day!
The only thing we wanted is to help our daughter – says Matea’s mother – because it is terrifying to find your child in the middle of the night trying to breathe. It was awful.
Then we heard about a man who practices divine energy treatments. At first, we were skeptical about the treatments, but we decided to pay him a visit.
-When we came to the Center he told us that he will do anything he can in order to help our daughter. Matea was having the treatments every day and after every following treatment she was feeling better. Every doubt we had about Mr. Osama was forgotten. Mr. Osama helped our daughter to be happy again and we cannot find the words to thank him.
Matea’s mother

Three and a half years ago, Karlo was diagnosed with obstructive bronchitis. Every spring and autumn during the weather changes his difficulties arise. He had a lot of strong suffocation attacks and was taking a lot of infusions. He had a weak appetite and was not feeling good because of the attacks. The worst part of it is that he was a seven-years-old boy who had completely different childhood compared to his friends.
When we heard about Mr. Osama’s work we went to get an appointment. After a first few treatments, Karlo’s health condition started improving. Until now, he had 13 divine energy treatments. Today, Karlo is healthy. He don’t have the breathing problems, he eats and sleeps regularly. The improvement he have is the result of the treatment performed by Mr. Osama Shreim to whom we are very grateful, says Karlo’s mother.
Karlo’s mother

I had sinuses difficulties since my childhood. Every time I got cold strong headache would kick in and I would feel very dizzy. After the third treatment, my sinuses opened. Now I don’t have any problems breathing and I generally feel better.
Martina Jelić

In May last year, after the unsuccessful antibiotics treatment I had because of the strong headaches and ear pain, I had a both maxillary sinuses surgery. After the operation I felt better and that last until November when my condition got worse. I started having strong headaches and next year I had a new surgery but nothing helped me. My headaches were still strong and frequent. When I saw my neighbor Jarmila Vancaš (her story was published in Stella Magazine) I sought help in Center in Petrova 101. My son got me appointed with Mr. Osama and after the first therapy I felt a strange warmth and fuzziness in my ears and head. I’ve continued coming to Petrova 101 and after every following therapy I was feeling better. Strong ears and head pains disappeared. I want to thank Mr. Osama for helping me.
Hava Ahmetović

During the last couple of years, sinus pain I was feeling was getting stronger and stronger. Since the doctors could not help the pain go away, I went to see Mr. Osama Shreim. Two months passed since the last treatment with Mr. Osama and the pain I was feeling is now completely gone. Today, I feel great.
Zlatko Vodopijak (23)

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