The talisman is sacred object or handwriting which uses divine energy and action to encourage the changes which will make person’s wishes and desires come true.
One talisman can make only one wish come true.
For example, talisman can affect health improvement, love, business success, marriage, improve person’s mind, protect a person from black magic. It can improve sexual energy, physical strength, material wealth, it can influence positively on someone to pass exams, to be safe while driving, it can enforce mental powers, improve the concentration, etc. It is considered to be effective in encouraging people to stop drinking, stop smoking, to get a new job or to protect them from evil forces, etc.

It is generally believed that talismans uses their magic and divine energy to protect people that wear them in a certain way. Talismans are at the same time the protectors and lucky charms. Osama Shreim, specialist in psychoenergy situated in Zagreb, uses his wealthy experience and heritage from his grandfather Mohammad who was known in Jerusalem as miracle-maker. In his Center located in Petrova 101 in Zagreb, Croatia, Osama helps his patients by using divine energy. Patients seek help from different reasons: bad life situations, problems in family and in relationship, study problems, illness-related or curse-related problems, etc. He believes that a person can fight magic only by using divine energy. Osama does not uses his own but divine energy which is more powerful. Divine energy is stronger than bioenergy. We can find it almost in everything around us. Osama have the knowledge how to take the energy and transfer it to the patient and he is one of the few who is blessed by the God in having the ability of finding the divine energy which he cannot abuse. The ability of transferring the divine energy on human body or an object can make patient more healthy, more happy, satisfied and protected from evil forces.


• Black magic and spells removal
• Talismans for the protection from black magic and spells
• Talismans for the protection from evil forces
• Curse removal
• Talisman for the protection from curses
• Talisman for happiness in love
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• Sexual energy talismans
• Business and financial success talismans
• Place and home protection talismans
• Health talismans
• Peace and mental stability talismans
• Good and peaceful sleep talismans
• Learning success talismans
• Concentration improvement talismans
• Stop smoking talismans
• Stop alcohol addiction talismans
• Mental abilities improvement talismans
• Driving good luck charms
• And many other…

Osama helps his patients every day using his hands and the divine energy. But also, he also encounters people who seek help for different kind of problems.
-There are many of those who seek help for different problems and difficulties they encounter in their everyday lives. But lately, there are many of those who believe that they are cursed by black magic. They ask me to give them protection, a writing for good luck or love luck, to neutralize many problems in marriage or in business life.
You can do all this with a single talisman?
– Yes. The experience of talisman owners shows it in the best way. There are also those who are interested in knowing whether will they have financial success or not.
You say that the black magic exists and that you can oppose to it. Is that true?
– The black magic exists and it is the every man’s free will to oppose to it or not. There are parallel world and the “other ones” are around us. Nothing in life happens by coincidence.
You use the divine energy?
-Some people uses their own energy but I think that is wrong, because the consequences can be severe. For example, I don’t use my own energy but the divine energy which is more powerful and almost omnipotent. The energy can be found everywhere around us. For example, the aura is filled with energy. When healing others, I use the divine energy and preserve my own. If I would feel some disturbances in my energy during the treatment, I would stop the treatment immediately.
Are talismans related with divine energy?
-Absolutely! There is no white or black or any other magic. There is only one magic which can be fought only by the divine energy.

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