What is the point of this healing method i.e. this healing therapy? The point is the establishment of the mental balance between health and the psycho-energy that pushes forward our health. In other words, with our mind and hearth we can accomplish almost everything.
Our body and mind are interconnected and when our spirit is disturbed, our body is also restless. But, when our spirit is calm, our body is also calm. If you watch people closely, you can see that their body language reflects insecurity. In contemporary society, people are oppressed with stress, they are in hurry, everything is faster and the people are strangled with goal attainment. But in that process their interconnection of body and mind is being violated.
It is completely incomprehensible that people stick to the thing that possess no real or long-term value and they don’t care about what is the most important thing in the life. And that is available to everyone, because it can be found in everyone. It is the peace, active peace, but a few are interested in achieving that peace, because a lot of people don’t have enough strength to resist to the fast flows of the modern world. These fast flows correspond to the natural disasters in nature: volcano eruptions, earthquakes, tornados, etc. which are called destructive natural manifestations. On the other hand, constructive natural manifestations are balance, gradualism, adaptation and slowness. Those are natural processes because everything in the nature is based on it: it takes time for a seed to grow into the plant and to give fruits, it takes nine months for a baby to be born, etc.

By establishing a mental balance, we unlock the key of our health which is the psycho-energy. Using our mind and hearth we can accomplish a lot of things because the divine energy gave the abilities to live in the nature to all natural beings.

In that enormous organic unit in which humans live, there is the perfect order and balance which are accompanied by only one basic life principle: limitless, general and universal love which represents the unique interconnectedness between everything on our planet. The love can be understood completely only when our life rhythm is harmonized with creative energy rhythm which manifests itself completely only where fake culture and fake civilization have not yet brought disharmony i.e. in free nature. We can discover it in ourselves if we reject negative thoughts, prejudices and egoism by using meditation to adhere in our inner selves, in the deepest places of our souls in order to know ourselves. By knowing ourselves we have the ability to meet the divine component of ourselves. The writings on Apollo’s temple in Delphi says: Know thyself! That is the answer to all questions.

The reason why Osama Shreim named his Center ANKH, because ANKH always symbolized the center from which derived divine characteristics. And also because Osama Shreim always claims that he is not bio-therapist but the therapist that uses divine energy and transfers it to the patients. He helps people by reaching out to the divine energy in the nature. His calm and warm face expressions creates the atmosphere of trust and safety which is the main spiritual connection between the patient and the therapist. If there isn’t such connection, there can be no help to the patient.

To cure with divine energy, it is necessary that the therapist reaches certain level of spiritual virtue. On that level, he can feel the magnetic strength which can be felt also by other people around him, including the patient himself.

That way, the therapist becomes positive and his spirit eminency becomes white and magical. His voice, his hands, even his presence becomes curative and healing. The therapists that practice this kind of healing know these secrets and claim that the only practice of the therapist is to influence magnetically on physically and mentally weak patients. As Jesus, who was blessed by divine energy in his time, was healing by the touch of his hand, as today’s therapists heal with their magnetism and try to reach the level of the Son of Nazareth. It has been said that God’s flame burns in every human soul and it depends on us whether we will burn it brightly or not.

At the same time, that does not mean that today’s healers possess the power of Jesus. It is the same quality of the divine energy but the difference is in the intensity. As Jesus’ contemporaries were prepared for Messiah, so are the patients to today’s healers. Healers need the environment in which they will be free to practice their healing abilities. Positive energetic environment of healer’s awakened and empowered magnetism will in such environment be effective for those patients who will be in good mental condition or prepared for the healing, and healer-patient relation will not be disturbed.

Divine, natural healing of the organism demands complete bodily and spiritual cleaning, regular nutrition of body and soul, and finally, magnetic influence of the healer by which he activates every aspect of the vital energy in the patient.

If you want to be treated by Osama Shreim divine energy transfer, the best way is distance treatment. You need to send you photograph with difficulties description and attach your name and surname, mother’s name with date and place of birth. All the information and photograph you can deliver via the form below.


>>>>>>>>>> WE DO NOT CHARGE FOR THERAPY! <<<<<<<<<< Therapy is free of charge! If you are satisfied with our care, feel free to reward the healer. Divine energy treatment is also practiced in ANHK Center for life quality improvement by reservation only: e-mail: ankh.center@gmail.com or phone +385981649483

Divine energy treatment can be done directly in the Center of the health and life quality improvement.

Ankh center to improve the quality of life in the Peter Street in Zagreb

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