Ankh – Healing Center

Spirit and body are unbreakably related. Divine or natural healing consists primarily in complete bodily and spiritual cleaning, in regular nutrition of body and mind and, finally, in magnetic influence of the therapist, all of which leads to polarization and activation of the human vital energy.

Osama does not speak about himself in that way. He always says that he does not heal and that it’s the power of the divine energy that heals. He just assists to the transition of the energy. In his sub-conscience he recognizes the person and sees its surrounding. He sends the energy to the person and activates the energy. The energy must go through the body and aura, and to interconnect all energetic centers. Energy must be connected with the light of soul, because the body and the soul have their own lights. This process of light connecting is experienced as a warm flow inside the body, and as the empowering, but is not experienced by everyone in the same way.

Mr. Osama had a vision of his grandfather who was very well known in Jerusalem as miracle-maker. Osama received a message that he can continue his grandfather’s work by God’s help: “If someone is continuously watching people around himself, he will see their poses, their ways of walking, their movements, all of which reflects their restlessness and discomposure. A man thrives to have a better life, i.e. he needs help”.
The divine energy can be found inside and outside of us. But not every man have the power to reach it. Mr. Osama has the spiritual ability to reach it in order to help those who are in need. Because of his abilities, Mr. Osama opened his center in Croatia in 1993 and named it ANKH Center for life quality improvement. ANKH is the symbol of center from which derive every divine characteristic – it is the key of life!
From 1993, Osama is helping people not with its own, but with divine energy. By the help of the divine energy, he can remove a lot of pains, headaches, migraines, hand, leg and spine related pains, etc. His patients are also those to whom the official medicine was unable to help. Healing examples are numerous and some of those were practically miracles!

By establishing a mental balance, we unlock the key of our health which is the psycho-energy. Using our mind and hearth we can accomplish a lot of things because the divine energy gave the abilities to live in the nature to all natural beings. In that enormous organic unit in which humans live, there is the perfect order and balance which are accompanied by only one basic life principle: limitless, general and universal love which represents the unique interconnectedness between everything on our planet.
The love can be understood completely only when our life rhythm is harmonized with creative energy rhythm which manifests itself completely only where fake culture and fake civilization have not yet brought disharmony i.e. in free nature. We can discover it in ourselves if we reject negative thoughts, prejudices and egoism by using meditation to adhere in our inner selves, in the deepest places of our souls in order to know ourselves. By knowing ourselves we have the ability to meet the divine component of ourselves. The writings on Apollo’s temple in Delphi says: Know thyself! That is the answer to all questions.

“God gives an ability to every human being. A man just need to be conscious of his gift and his role in the circle of life. In my work I don’t use my own bioenergy, which is limited as in every man, but with divine energy. Divine energy is not limited, it is omnipotent. It is the God’s will to whom he will give the healing. I always say that I don’t do the healing, but God, because only God can heal people either using the official medicine either using divine energy or any other method.”

«After the third treatment, thanks to Osama, our baby can sleep normally. A year has passed and baby’s health condition has improved. We are sleeping again.»

Marica H.

«After the first treatment I started breathing normally. I don’t feel fatigue nor do I suffer from insomnia. Osama and his talisman gave me back my peace, happiness and self-confidence»

Božica R

«I felt my body involuntarily swinging back and forth during the treatment.»

Sandra G.

«I am so happy I cannot express my feelings. I am very thankful to Mr. Osama who helped me and who uses his abilities to heal other people and to make them happy.»

Željko B.

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